Privacy policy


The importance of your privacy to us at Get Car Credit is paramount. We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide products and services you have requested from us or which we think will be of interest to you.

We will never sell your data on to third parties.

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, we are required to gain your consent to process your personal data and will also request your consent as to the methods we can use to contact you.

Who is Get Car Credit ?

We are Get Car Credit Ltd is a retail finance company offering car loans which are secured against the vehicle itself. We offer Hire Purchase (HP), and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance agreements.

How do we use your personal data?

We will inform you about our use of your data and your rights the first time you have any contact with Get Car Credit. We may contact you during your ownership cycle for essential work such as finance agreement end date, finance agreements are fulfilled. Where your consent has been provided, we may also contact you with information on aftersales finance products and services. In addition, when we email and text you, we track data to ensure that our communications have reached you.

To help us contact you at the right times and ensure that we can deliver as personal and beneficial service to you as possible we will combine data about you from various sources. You may opt out of any form of marketing by expressing your wish to do so when we check or collect your personal information, or by contacting our data protection officer below.

Passing your data on

Either we , or our lenders, may also contact you to help ensure the ongoing safety and care of your vehicle and to ensure any policies are maintained.

Finance Applications

If you should apply for finance from us then the information you provide specifically for this purpose will be disclosed to various finance providers for the purpose of considering the application.

A so called 'soft search' will be carried out when you initially apply for car finance via this website. This only shows on your credit file only to you, it is not availbale to see by the lenders.

When you decide to go ahead with a finance offer the lender will only then carry out a full credit check that will then also show on your credit profile to other lenders.

We use software supplied by to take your information for the purpose of finance applications. This includes the form accessed when using our 'APPLY' button that you complete each time you apply.

The finance companies may use this information to carry out searches with credit reference agencies and other regulatory and statutory bodies. A record of those searches will be kept and may be used by our lenders in assessing applications from you and members of your household for credit in the future. The finance companies will cross-check this information with other lenders to prevent fraud and may use this information for statistical or marketing purposes. The finance companies may use credit scoring as part of their decision-making process. In some cases, the information provided on this form may be disclosed to a credit reference agency, such as Experian or Equifax. Credit reference agencies may also use this information to carry out further searches for other regulatory and statutory bodies. They may also disclose information to other companies and the finance providers may use such information to advise you of any of our or their services or of another person’s services which may be relevant to you. We will on request tell you of the purposes for which we will use this information.

Your right to withdraw consent

We will not use or disclose your personal information for any purpose for which you have not given us your consent or later withdraw your consent. If you withdraw consent, you agree that, in spite of this withdrawal, we may continue to use the personal information previously provided to us to the extent that we are contractually obligated to do so and to the extent necessary to enforce any contractual obligations you may have for example a finance agreement. Should you withdraw your consent, we will action this as quickly as possible, normally within one calendar month.

Where your data is stored

We retain your details for as long as we have evidence that you still own the vehicle we have supplied or that we believe you would be interested in products that we offer unless you ask us to delete these details sooner. We take steps to ensure any businesses we work with have security protocols and policies in place to manage and record your data privacy and preferences correctly and that your data is stored securely. The security of your data is paramount. Documentation can be supplied on request from our Data Protection Officer details of who can be found below.

Your Rights Under the General Data Protection Regulations

You have the right to: Request copies of your data, rectification of your data, erasure of your data, object to us or restrict the processing of your data and where our systems allow, give electronic access to copies of your data in a digital format. Get Car Credit Ltd. reserves the right to update or amend this data privacy notice in line with customer feedback or updates in legislation and it will be published at

Our Car Finance Partners and Lenders

Our Lenders – are who we refer your application on to in order to find you the most suitable finance option


Our database system provider and credit reference agency – The system we use to receive your application details and the credit reference agency we use to process your information.

Our protection partners – In order to offer you additional products, to help protect your purchased vehicle in relation to warranty and GAP/RTI insurance.

Data Protection Officer

You can contact the Get Car Credit data protection officer at 428 Redditch Rd, Kings Norton, Birmingham. B38 8NA.

Email: If we are unable to resolve any issues you raise within 30 days you have you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office @

We only share your data with suppliers who are registered and adhere to GDPR.